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Top 10 Linen Button-Down Shirts

These Linen Tops Are The Softest, Chicest, And Breeziest On The Web

Whether humid weather is an everyday reality or something only experienced during vacations and family reunions, it shouldn’t be underestimated. While winter requires layers of clothing, summer is the opposite, which means that if the heat is unbearable, even just one layer can feel agonizing. In that case, shopping for a seasonal wardrobe requires paying extra attention to fabrics. This isn’t the time for wool pants, flannel pajamas, and fleece jackets. It’s a less-is-more season, and only linen tops will do.

The fibers of the flax plant are what give linen that lightweight feel and quick-absorbing features. In addition to keeping the body cool, linen also dries significantly faster than other fabrics though it is also prone to wrinkling—dry cleaning is usually recommended. Still, the pros outweigh the cons. It gets softer with wear, absorbs dye colors well, and is naturally antimicrobial. And for shoppers on a budget, linen blend fabrics—or clothing items made with a mix of linen and some other material—offer the same benefits. 

Linen is one of the most common summer staples, and it can be worn in a multitude of ways. Shoppers who have no idea where to start or make their first investment won’t regret starting with a linen button-down. Tuck it in, leave it out, layer it, tie it—the linen blouse is endlessly versatile. You can pair it with just about anything, too. The linen button-down is a secret weapon and go-to solution for shoppers who always find themselves saying, “a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.”

How We Found The Best Linen Shirts

Thanks to Rank & Style’s proprietary algorithm, online shoppers don’t need to spend hours looking for the most buzz-worthy and reviewer-approved linen button-downs. Using a unique point system, each option on this Top 10 list was scored and ranked according to a spectrum of data, including expert recommendations, social media buzz, and rave reviews. Keep scrolling to find your perfect match.

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July 11, 2022

Words:Nikki Brown

Product Expert:Georgia Jones

Top 10 Lists serve as unbiased shopping guides to the most trusted product recommendations on the internet. Products are scored and ranked using an algorithm backed by data consumers find most valuable when making a purchase. We are reader-supported and may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

The Rankings


Athleta Playa Linen Shirt

Our Score4.15

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: This relaxed-fit, 100% linen button-down is a casual top that can be worn open over a bralette or buttoned with a pair of flowy lounge pants. The hemline is also on the longer side for added coverage, especially when wearing a swimsuit.

SOMETHING ELSE TO KNOW: This is available in two colors: a beautiful off-white and a dark pink called “tawny rose.”

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Banana Republic Classic Linen Shirt

Our Score4.15

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Shoppers who want a little more structure will appreciate this option with its pointed collar, boxed pleat on the back, and sleeve plackets that can be buttoned or left undone. Still, it’s unlined and easy to pull on–the best of both worlds.

SOMETHING ELSE TO KNOW: A variety of colors and patterns are also available, as well as sizing for taller frames.

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Uniqlo Linen-Blend Open Collar Short-Sleeve Shirt

Our Score4.25

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Shoppers on a budget can still get their linen fix thanks to this shirt made with a blend of rayon and linen, both of which are ultra-cooling fabrics. This one has a boxier cut with short collar points, making it ideal for layering. 

SOMETHING ELSE TO KNOW: Versatility is also easy to achieve, as this button-down comes in six different colors.

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Everlane The Linen Workwear Shirt

Our Score4.3

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Here’s a utility-conscious linen shirt equipped with large patch pockets for storing small items. The boxy shape and folded sleeves also lend it an effortless yet “buttoned up” appeal well suited for the workplace.

SOMETHING ELSE TO KNOW: Wash this one inside out and in cold water to maintain its shape and feel.

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Quince 100% European Linen Long Sleeve Shirt

Our Score4.35

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Water conservation is a growing global issue, and Quince is doing its part by sourcing linen from flax plant fiber that requires less water and irrigation to grow. As for the shirt itself, it’s a classic, no-frills button up whose pleated back creates a shape that will look good whether worn loosely or tucked in.

SOMETHING ELSE TO KNOW: The transparent costing infographic is refreshingly, well, transparent, as it shows exactly how much the shirt costs to make versus retail price.

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Quince 100% European Linen Short Sleeve Shirt

Our Score4.35

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: The cropped hem on this boxy button-down elongates the frame, while the short sleeves give it year-round appeal. Don’t overlook the notched collar too, as it’s a shape rarely seen in button-down shirts.

STYLE TIP: “This linen top is so versatile! It’s super cute with Quince’s silk skirt and Birks or Supergas for a casual, pulled-together look. It’s great with jeans, chinos, and shorts. Over one of Quinces tanks or any crop top or bandeau. I have the pale blue and white so far. Def getting another color soon! I just love it!”

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Boden Linen Shirt

Our Score4.4

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: For the eccentric shopper who wants to stand out, this linen button-down comes in a variety of bold colors and patterns. The full-length sleeves are also structured to look stylish if they’re folded up, while utility pockets are also on the front. 

SOMETHING ELSE TO KNOW: Sizing also includes petite, regular, and long options.

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J.Crew Relaxed-Fit Short-Sleeve Baird Mcnutt Irish Linen Shirt

Our Score4.55

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Picky linen shoppers love that this oversized button-down sources its linen from Ireland’s Baird McNutt Mill, a place believed to make the finest linen in the world. Other features worth noting are the loose cuff sleeves and interior chambray piping that add to the overall loose fit.

SOMETHING ELSE TO KNOW: A common thread throughout the reviews is an appreciation for the fabric, which, comparatively speaking, is less see-through than other brands.

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Everlane The Linen Relaxed Shirt

Our Score4.6

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: What sets this seemingly basic linen button-down apart from other options is the texture. Though it’s new, the linen feels lived-in as though it has bypassed that first wear when the fabric can feel a little stiff.

SOMETHING ELSE TO KNOW: The high-low hemline offers fuller coverage.

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J.Crew Slim-Fit Baird McNutt Irish Linen Shirt

Our Score4.7

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: The silhouette most often associated with linen is loose and flowy, which would explain why this J.Crew standout is so popular. Instead, it’s a slim fit button-down that can be tucked in without too much tugging or bunching. It’s also made with that top-of-the-line linen from Ireland.

USER REVIEW: “Bet you’ve heard that term 'closet staple' a bunch. Well, this is what people are talking about. An item that transitions year to year over multiple seasons. This is your shirt. It’s flattering. It’s loose. It’s cool. You wanna be cool, right? This is your shirt, girl! I ended up giving my mom one of mine and she loves it! So buy one, give it to your mom or keep it, and thank yourself that you bought the ultimate closet staple. You’re welcome.”

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