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Top 10 Ice Rollers

An Ice Roller May Seem Extra, But These Reviews Say Otherwise

An Ice Roller May Seem Extra, But These Reviews Say Otherwise

These days, it seems like everyone from estheticians to celebs sing the praises of using ice as a beauty treatment. While this treatment’s effectiveness might sound like a myth, it really isn’t—cold therapy has a host of benefits, including reducing inflammation, tightening pores, improving blood flow, and giving your skin an instantly youthful glow.

Over the past few years, ice rollers have become an increasingly popular way to give your skin a makeover, and there's a good reason for that. These easy-to-use beauty devices combine the advantages of ice therapy with the benefits of manual massage—similar to gau sha—making them a multitasking beauty powerhouse. We should add that it’s not just about beauty—many users find that the cool sensations help with things like inflamed skin, tight muscles, and even migraines.

Of course, when anything in the beauty realm becomes trendy, there’s suddenly a proliferation of products all touting amazing results. While having options is great, spending hours sorting through them is not. Lucky for you, that’s why we’re here. We’ve already looked into all these products and can guide you through the 10 stand-out rollers worth your attention.

How We Found The Best Ice Rollers

All of our Top 10 lists are created using our unique algorithm that takes into account things like reviews, social media buzz, and beauty editor recommendations. With these unbiased results, you know you’re seeing only the best-in-category products when you read our rankings. So whether you’re a beauty beginner or practically a pro, you’re sure to find an ice roller here that’s perfect for you.

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May 2, 2022

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Product Expert:Georgia Jones

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The Rankings

Kitsch Cleanse Ritual Ice Rolleranthropologie.com

Kitsch Cleanse Ritual Ice Roller

Our Score4.3

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Customers rave that this ice roller is easy to use and feels fantastic on the skin. The roller head is made of surgical stainless steel and is large enough to massage the neck and shoulders, making it a great choice for those who want a full-body treatment.

ABOUT THE BRAND: Cassandra Thurswell founded accessory brand Kitsch when she was only 25. The designer put in long hours to fill over 100 Tupperware containers with her handmade ponytail holders, earrings, and necklaces. Her hard work paid off, and now Kitsch is a global lifestyle brand.

Project E Beauty Ice Roller

Our Score4.3

WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: This roller is filled with a water-and-gel combination that feels great on the skin. It stays cold for up to two hours, making it ideal for longer soothing sessions or targeting multiple areas without having to refreeze.

HELPFUL TIP: Check out this video for more info and tips on using the Project E ice roller.

Sonia Kashuk Facial Ice Roller

Our Score4.4

WHO IT'S FOR: If your skin is sensitive to cold, you might be a little reluctant to try an ice roller. This one has a plastic head that keeps it from getting too cold, so it's a perfect place to start. It's also small and lightweight, making it perfect for traveling.

COMPLETE THE LOOK: Boost your roller’s skin-perfecting power by starting off with a facial steam to prep your skin, then ice roll with one of these potent serums.

Teenitor Ice Roller

Our Score4.45

WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: The head of this roller is detachable, so it's easier to clean and takes up less space in the freezer. It also comes in three fun colors that'll instantly brighten up your beauty routine.

USER REVIEW: "It totally works. I pop mine in the fridge the night before, and after I wash my face in the morning, I use it to help depuff my face. I can definitely tell a difference after I use it. I found that it also helps when my sinuses are all out of whack, and if I’m starting to get a migraine, this helps relieve it when I use it right away."

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Vanity Planet Revive Professional Ice Roller

Our Score4.5

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Vanity Planet has a large arsenal of skincare devices, and with a nearly perfect five-star rating, its ice roller is one of the simplest and most effective in the lineup. Reviewers rave about the way it feels on their face and how it perks up their skin.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: If you love your Vanity Planet roller, you can do a customized skin review through the site to get additional skincare tips.

StackedSkincare Ice Roller

Our Score4.55

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Created by a top aesthetician and an industrial designer, every inch of this patent-pending product was created with a purpose. The easy-to-grip handle makes reaching tough spots a breeze, the stainless steel allows it to glide across your skin without tugging or pulling, and the egg shape is especially good at contouring.

USER REVIEW: “Many sculpting, cooling tools are out there, but this is worth a bit more of a splurge. I was skeptical, but I am so glad I bought this product. It works perfectly and is so luxurious. I keep mine in the freezer in the morning, and it soothes, reduces puffiness, etc. It's amazing. 10/10 recommend.”

BeautyBio Cryo Skin Icing Dual-Ended Roller

Our Score4.55

WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: This dual-ended roller allows you to quickly glide over larger areas with the larger side, while the small roller will enable you to do detailed contour work.

ABOUT THE BRAND: BeautyBio is all about the results. The brand is on a mission to make products that work—and work well together. They use research to bring clinical quality, results-driven skincare into the hands of consumers.

Flawless By Finishing Touch Ice Roller

Our Score4.6

WHO IT'S FOR: This ice roller is perfect for someone who’s just looking to try out the trend. At nearly three inches across, the head of the roller is on the larger side, allowing you to quickly and easily ice roll your face. And at $9.99, the price point is perfect for testing it out.

HELPFUL TIP: You can use the Finishing Touch roller at the end of your skincare routine to help gently press your lotions and serums into the skin and increase their effectiveness.

The Skinny Confidential The Hot Mess Ice Roller

Our Score4.75

WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: Over three years went into developing this device, which is meant to work well and look good on your bathroom counter. The roller’s head is made from aluminum, so it stays colder longer, and thoughtful touches like a thumb grip and silicone pads help keep your hands from slipping as you roll your face.  

ABOUT THE BRAND: This tool was inspired by The Skinny Confidential’s founder Lauryn Evarts Bosstick’s own experience with the healing power of cold therapy and facial massage after jaw surgery. Unhappy with the products on the market, she decided to make her own improved facial roller.

Esarora Ice Roller For Face & Eyes

Our Score4.9

WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: This culty ice roller is made to be large enough to cover your whole eye area, while the contours are designed to keep you from putting too much pressure on the delicate skin. Because of its size, it's also great for using on your arms and legs.

AS SEEN ON: This was the ice roller used by Cassie in the Netflix drama Euphoria, and actress Sydney Sweeney swears by it in real life as well.

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