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Top 10 Purse Organizers

These Top-Rated Purse Inserts Are The Secret To A Super Organized Bag

These Top-Rated Purse Inserts Are The Secret To A Super Organized Bag

There are many reasons why investing in a bag organizer is a good idea. Having a clear system for organizing your purse is the most obvious one, but these inserts can also act as protection for the interior lining of your designer handbags.

Or, if you, like us, have a habit of switching purses often, there’s really not an easier way to get all of your things where they need to be than grabbing your bag organizer insert and dropping it in whichever tote matches your outfit best.

All this to say that a quality bag organizer can make your day-to-day life a little easier, which is something we can all get behind. And if you have no idea where to start your search for the perfect purse insert, the good news is that you’re in the right place.

How We Found The Best Purse Organizers

What can go wrong with a purse organizer? Well, the worst thing that could happen is that you purchase one that doesn’t fit in your go-to handbag. Luckily, the inserts below come in a wide range of sizes, with some options even offering the ability to purchase a custom-sized organizer. Plus, we have it on good word that each of these bag organizer inserts delivers when it comes to functionality, because we used our data-driven, bias-free algorithm to find them. Want to find out which inserts the internet is obsessing over? Keep scrolling.

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April 27, 2022

Words:Sierra Rogers

Product Expert:Georgia Jones

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The Rankings

Travelon Pewter RFID-Blocking Purse Organizercontainerstore.com

Travelon Pewter RFID-Blocking Purse Organizer

Our Score4.2

NOTEWORTHY FEATURES: Lightweight with RFID blocking technology, this handbag organizer has eight pockets total—four on the interior and four on the exterior. It’s also designed with handles, so switching bags is as easy as grab, insert, and go.

USER REVIEW: “I've had mine for about five years now, and it looks the same as the day I bought it. It's soft and flexible yet still firm enough to hold its shape. My sunglasses and reading glasses fit in one slot without scratching, and it's easy to lift in and out. I'd buy it again.”

Jennykrafts Organizer Tote Felt Purse Insert

Our Score4.2

NOTEWORTHY FEATURES: For moms (or mom friends) and frequent travelers, we can’t imagine a better bag organizer insert than this. Its long list of features includes a detachable zip bag, multiple exterior pockets (including one large enough for an iPad or laptop), six internal small pockets for things like pens and tweezers, and fasteners within the main compartment for added security.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: We hope you like options, because this purse organizer comes in over 20 different colors to choose from.

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SilkOnDesigns Tote Felt Purse Insert

Our Score4.2

NOTEWORTHY FEATURES: With a water bottle holder, a large zip pocket, and the option to customize the size of this felt insert to fit any bag, it’s hard to believe this tote bag organizer is handmade.

USER REVIEW: “This fit my Everlane tote perfectly and even helped the tote keep its shape. It's well made and the quality of the material is great.”

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Vercord Purse Organizer Insert

Our Score4.35

NOTEWORTHY FEATURES: Let’s start with the price tag: Ringing in at under $10, this purse organizer insert over-delivers. It has 13 pockets to store your things in, comes in nearly 25 different color varieties, and is even water-resistant (a major plus for those of us who have a habit of throwing half-empty drinks in our totes).

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: This organizer is available in small, medium, and large sizes, so if you love it, there’s a good chance there’s a version that will fit every size handbag in your closet.

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Joyinbag Purse Organizer

Our Score4.4

NOTEWORTHY FEATURES: Talk about options! While the most popular version of this bag organizer insert was designed for Chanel’s famous Flap Bag, there are 20 other sizes to choose from, including a completely custom option. And there’s more: each one is made from felt, which naturally repels dirt and water.

USER REVIEW: “Absolutely perfect! I got this not just to organize my bag, but to protect the interior from my jewelry and hands as I reach into the bag. It fits like a glove, is well made, and has no scent at all! I also opted to add the lipstick holder, which fits a chapstick or a lipstick perfectly!”

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Lexsion Felt Insert Bag Organizer

Our Score4.45

NOTEWORTHY FEATURES: Gone are the days of wondering if you’ve lost your wallet or it's just buried at the bottom of your bag, because this 13-pocket insert makes organizing your purse a breeze.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: There’s a removable set of middle pockets in this organizer, so you can easily make room for any large cargo you may need to carry.

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Omystyle Purse Organizer Insert

Our Score4.45

NOTEWORTHY FEATURES: Sturdy yet still soft and pliable, this felt insert includes a zipper pocket where you can safely store your phone and wallet. It also has four interior slip pockets, three exterior pockets, and a supportive bottom that will help your handbag hold its shape.

USER REVIEW: “The felt liner was the perfect fit for my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM tote. It's got a ton of pockets suitable for everything you may need it for. It's well made and came fast—which HELLO, satisfies my instant gratification. I went with the large size and it fits perfectly.” 

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ToteSavvy Deluxe Tote Organizer

Our Score4.5

NOTEWORTHY FEATURES: You know how you tuck your laptop under your arm so as to not subject it to the chaos of your tote? No. More. ToteSavvy’s Deluxe Bag Organizer has a built-in, plush-lined laptop sleeve in addition to a double-wide cooler pocket that’s perfect for housing your midday snack.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: There are four stunning color renditions of this tote bag organizer, and each one is complemented with rose gold hardware.

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ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer Insert

Our Score4.55

NOTEWORTHY FEATURES: We’re starting to pick up on a pattern here, because this organizer has 13 pockets. One unique addition to this insert, though, is the detachable zippered wallet, which can be used on its own or left attached for extra security.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: If a disaster (such as a makeup spill) happens to occur within the first year of owning this purse organizer, you’re in luck, because it comes with a free one-year warranty.

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Cuyana Tote Organization Insert

Our Score4.55

NOTEWORTHY FEATURES: Let’s get one thing out of the way: this tote bag organizer is limited edition. That’s cool in itself, but there’s more: It’s made from buttery-soft microsuede in a women-owned factory in Turkey, and it has a place already picked out for your keys, wallet, phone, laptop, and water bottle.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: While this organizer would likely work for other brands’ handbags, it was designed to fit Cuyana’s Classic Leather Tote, Classic Structured Leather Tote, or Classic Leather Zipper Tote.

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