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Top 10 Exfoliating Body Washes

These Exfoliating Body Washes Are An Easy Way To Get Softer Skin While Showering

These Exfoliating Body Washes Are An Easy Way To Get Softer Skin While Showering

Our Top 10 Lists help shoppers quickly and easily find what they need. Using an intense review and approval process (which you can learn more about here), we break down the best products according to what consumers most commonly search for and want.

If you’re looking to get smooth, glowing skin from head-to-toe, chances are your traditional soap or body wash isn’t going to cut it. 

That’s where exfoliating body washes come into play. Exfoliating body washes not only get rid of dirt and debris on the body, but they help to slough away dead skin, too. Eliminating that layer of dead skin cells helps to reveal softer, smoother, more radiant skin in no time. And the best part is, there are even options gentle enough to use everyday.

That's why we’ve searched the web using our data-driven algorithm to find the best body washes for exfoliation. Featuring nourishing ingredients and sensitive skin-approved formulas, the following body washes will help scrub away your dead skin cells to leave you feeling silky-smooth all-over. 

Ahead, learn more about our vetting process, product selection, and then shop the formula that best suits your needs.

How We Found The Best Exfoliating Body Washes

Our algorithm finds top-rated and highly-reviewed products according to shoppers just like you to bring you the best of the best. It factors in data like best-selling buzz, number of reviews, editorial mentions, and more to score and rank the internet's most recommended products. The result? A list that is unbiased and makes shopping for what you need as simple as possible.

So wait no longer, keep scrolling for the best exfoliating body washes to add to your shower routine, asap.

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August 27, 2021

Top 10 Lists serve as unbiased shopping guides to the most trusted product recommendations on the internet. Products are scored and ranked using an algorithm backed by data consumers find most valuable when making a purchase. We are reader-supported and may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

The Rankings

St. Ives Purifying Sea Salt & Pacific Kelp Exfoliating Body Washtarget.com

St. Ives Purifying Sea Salt & Pacific Kelp Exfoliating Body Wash

Our Score

THINGS TO KNOW: The physical exfoliator in this scrub is sea salt which is gentle on the skin and suitable for sensitive skin types.

USER REVIEW: “[I] love the texture and the exfoliating nature of this body wash. We will be sticking with this one for a long time.” 

Olay Exfoliating Body Wash With Sea Salts

Our Score

BEST FOR: This exfoliating body wash from Olay is made for anyone with normal to dry skin.

WHAT IT DOES: The combination of vitamin B3 complex and sea salt help to hydrate and renew dry, tired skin as well as remove dead skin cells. 

Softsoap Body Butter Coconut Scrub

Our Score

THINGS TO KNOW: This hydrating body scrub helps to rebalance the pH levels in the skin.

WHAT IT DOES: The blend of jojoba butter and coconut extracts gently removes dead skin and leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished.

Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash

Our Score

LOVED FOR: The aroma of burnt brown sugar and karite butter that fills up your bathroom during every lather

USERS SAID: “This body wash is like a Scentsy or Yankee Candle scent, but on your skin. It's absolutely delightful. Also, the scrubbies in this are excellent, and it leaves me feeling totally clean but not overly dry.”

OGX Coffee Scrub And Wash

Our Score

THINGS TO KNOW: Calling all coffee lovers! This scrub smells just as good as a morning cup of joe.

HELPFUL TIP: To avoid any irritation to the skin, it’s always best to follow a body scrub with a rich hydrating cream or lotion. 

Kosas Good Body Skin AHA + Enzyme Exfoliating Wash

Our Score

BEST FOR: This body wash from Kosas is a great pick for anyone with acne-prone skin.

WHAT IT DOES: By combining AHAs and fruit enzymes this exfoliating wash helps to unclog pores, smooth out rough textures, and treat already-existing blemishes. 

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash

Our Score

LOVED FOR: This mild and gentle cleanser deeply moisturizes the skin while it cleanses.

THINGS TO KNOW: This is the #1 dermatologist-recommended body wash.

Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash

Our Score

WHY YOU NEED IT: If you believe the skin on your body is just as important as the skin on your face, you’ll love this wash. It’s formulated with 8.8% glycolic acid to remove excess oils, dirt, and debris, leaving the skin healthy, soft, and smooth.

BEAUTY HACK: Formulated with medical-grade glycolic acid, this anti-aging cleanser can help with everything from prepping for spray tans to preventing ingrown hairs.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Exfoliating Body Wash

Our Score

BEST FOR: This body wash is an excellent hypoallergenic solution to dry skin—even for the most sensitive skin types.

THINGS TO KNOW: This exfoliating body wash is made with crushed walnut shells to help slough away dead skin with each use. 

Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap

Our Score

WHAT IT DOES: Papaya and grapefruit extracts break down dead skin cells and oatmeal keeps inflammation and irritation at bay. It’s also a great prep treatment to exfoliate before a tan.

USERS SAID: “This leaves your skin soft, and it's not drying at all. Also, the biggest bonus for me is that it cleared the acne on my back, which I’ve had for years! It’s inexpensive and smells fresh and clean.”

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