Top 10 Clean-Smelling Perfumes

Need A New Signature Scent? These 10 Clean-Smelling Perfumes Are Perfect For Spring

Need A New Signature Scent? These 10 Clean-Smelling Perfumes Are Perfect For Spring

Coco Chanel once said that a woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future. Harsh—but we think she was onto something. Just like your outfit, the perfect scent can make you feel like you and give you the confidence boost you need to tackle the day. In fact, studies show that fragrance even has the power to affect your mood, reduce stress, and relax your muscles.

But it’s no secret that finding "the one" amongst the rows and rows of glass bottles at Ulta and Sephora is a tough task. And if you’re not into fragrances that smell too fussy or floral, that can make things all the more complicated. Don’t give up just yet, though. Below, we’ve rounded up a selection of algorithm-approved scents that smell a little more fresh and clean than flower power, from beachy fragrances perfect for your next getaway to Le Labo's cult classic Bergamote 22.

How We Found The Best Clean-Smelling Perfumes

To round up the internet's best clean-smelling perfumes, we enlisted the help of our data-driven algorithm. This proprietary tool factors in rave reviews, editor recommendations, and social media buzz to find and rank the best products out there. From Byredo to Ouai, scroll on to shop the most popular clean-smelling perfumes you can buy.

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March 31, 2022

Words:Rank & Style

Product Expert:Georgia Jones

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The Rankings

Byredo Blanche Eau De Parfumnordstrom.com

Byredo Blanche Eau De Parfum

Our Score4.35

ABOUT THE SCENT: Few scents evoke the same sophistication as sandalwood, and Blanche is full of it. It also has floral top notes and heart notes like white rose and peony, making it a little less intense than your average sandalwood scent and perfect for everyday wear.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: Blanche is Byredo founder and perfumer Ben Gorham's perception of the color white.

Ellis Brooklyn West Eau De Parfum

Our Score4.45

ABOUT THE SCENT: West is constantly touted as one of the best subtle perfumes, so it's perfect for those sensitive to fragrance or anyone who wants a light scent. Bright, airy, fresh, and a hint citrusy, it was made to encapsulate the bold and brilliant energy of the Los Angeles writers of the 1970s.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: All Ellis Brooklyn perfumes are vegan and PETA-certified cruelty-free.

Cruelty free

Cruelty Free

Chloé Love Story Eau De Parfum

Our Score4.45

ABOUT THE SCENT: This fragrance is one of Clémence Poésy's favorites, and it smells exactly how we imagine Clémence Poésy does. Featuring an intoxicating blend of fruity florals like jasmine and neroli, it evokes a bouquet of fresh, dewy flowers and is perfect for a hot spring day.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: The bottle is definitely one you'll want to display—it's designed to resemble a padlock to symbolize love and romance.

Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Cologne

Our Score4.5

ABOUT THE SCENT: Formulated to mimic the warmth of a sunny day by the sea, this perfume features warm undertones of orris and balsamic vetiver and key notes like clementine flower, white lilac, and orriswood.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: Jo Malone fragrances are designed to be layered and mixed. Wear them in conjunction with your other favorite scents to create something unique to you.

Le Labo Bergamote 22

Our Score4.55

ABOUT THE SCENT: This delicate scent features bitter notes of grapefruit and contrasting notes of sweet amber and musk. It's housed in Le Labo's signature apothecary packaging and is freshly compounded and hand-labeled for a personal touch. 

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: This clean-smelling fragrance is unisex. 

Made In Usa

Cruelty free

Cruelty Free

Maison Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday Morning

Our Score4.55

ABOUT THE SCENT: Maison Margiela doesn't take the term "replica" lightly. Seriously—this stuff smells just like clean, fresh laundry with a hint of classic floral notes.

USER REVIEW: "This is such a relaxing, cool, crisp, subtle fragrance that wears well throughout the day. It has a slight floral undertone with fresh cotton, and it has such a breezy linger to it. You have to smell it. This scent takes me to a calm place and makes me feel so clean and fragrant all day."

Ouai North Bondi Eau De Parfum

Our Score4.6

ABOUT THE SCENT: If you've ever smelled any of Ouai's cult hair products, then you probably already know this one's a major winner. It's the same scent found in the brand's Conditioner, Wave Spray, Volume Spray, Leave-In Conditioner, Air Dry Foam, Texturizing Hair Spray, Dry Texture Foam, Soft Mousse, Dry Shampoo, and Dry Shampoo Foam.

USER REVIEW: "I always wished Ouai had a fragrance line because their products smell so good, and all my dreams came true. This perfume smells amazing—I am IN LOVE, and I constantly smell myself throughout the day. Also, I put one spritz on my roommate after she showered at night, and she still smelled it well into the next day. Powerful!"

Made In Usa

Cruelty free

Cruelty Free

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau De Toilette

Our Score4.6

ABOUT THE SCENT: Light Blue is a staple for a reason. With citrus, apple, and bamboo, it makes for a fresh, clean scent that works on every woman year-round.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: The bottle has a light blue cap to evoke the clear skies of the Mediterranean. You may not be vacationing in Santorini, but this scent will make you feel like it.

Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau De Toilette

Our Score4.8

ABOUT THE SCENT: If being rich had a scent, it would smell like Libre. With a combination of Moroccan orange blossom and rowdy oakmoss musk, this modern yet youthful fragrance is downright luxurious.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: Drawing inspiration from the couture runways, this bottle has an elongated shape and rose-gold color to emphasize the freshness and playfulness of the fragrance.

Philosophy Pure Grace Fragrance

Our Score4.9

ABOUT THE SCENT: If you want just a touch of floral action, go with Philosophy's Pure Grace Fragrance. The scent of bergamot, water lily, lavender, jasmine, cool greens, and musk is flowery but crisp and clean—think warm laundry fresh from the dryer.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Did we mention it's the most affordable fragrance on the list?

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