Top 10 Barber Kits

The Best Barber Kits For Achieving Fresh Cuts From Home

The Best Barber Kits For Achieving Fresh Cuts From Home

Hey, guys. We know not being able to book your regular appointment at the barbershop has been a pretty big bummer. Thankfully, more time spent at home means more time to learn how to keep yourself looking sharp and sheared when you invest in a barber kit. Until the moment you can rebook with your favorite grooming guru, these barber kits are stocked to supply you with all the essential tools and accessories to create any haircut and manage all hair types with ease and a little practice. Our algorithm finds top-rated and highly-reviewed products according to shoppers just like you to bring you the best of the best. Whether you have professional training or you just need to maintain some split ends in between trips to your trusted shop guy, these barbet kits are an at-home grooming staple you never knew you needed until right now. Shop the best barber kits for staying fresh and tapered now! Opening image: ginnys.com

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May 5, 2020

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The Rankings

Fiercewolf Haircut Kitamazon.com

Fiercewolf Haircut Kit

Our Score

WHY YOU NEED IT: This kit is built to last. The green lithium battery ensures longterm use while a titanium ceramic blade prevents rusting over time. 

HELPFUL TIP: This trimmer and all of its attachments are washable. Simply rinse them under a faucet for easy cleanup.

Misshalo Professional Barber Hair Cutting Kit

Our Score

LOVED FOR: The ergonomic design, adjustable shears, and professional-grade materials

BEST FOR: This kit is suitable for use on all hair types, including thick, wavy, and curly. 

Itkidboy Haircut Kit

Our Score

USERS SAID: "What a great deal. These scissors are fantastic. Excellent quality. I love them and although I am not a hairdresser, I am able to cut and style my hair the way I like." 

WHY YOU NEED IT: The powerful and durable motor and lithium ion battery ensure this trimmer will go the long haul and endure countless haircuts. 

Frcolor Hair Cutting Scissors Set

Our Score

BEST FOR: This stainless steel set is suitable for home or professional use on men, women, children, and even dogs. 

LOVED FOR: In addition to all of the other essential items in this kit, a unisex salon cape is also included for easy cuts and cleanup.

Ample Berry Premium Hair Cutting Kit

Our Score

BEST FOR: This cutting kit features a trimmer that's ideal for those with longer and thicker hair.

FUN FACT: The included trimmer is designed with a fast two-hour charge battery that can run for up to 180 minutes. 

Bircen Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Set

Our Score

USERS SAID: "Super beautiful set and great value for money! The scissors are really sharp and well cut! I am a former hairdresser and these are the best scissors I have ever used. They are also very comfortable to use!"

LOVED FOR: The high-quality tools, included salon cape, and good value

Conair 3-In-1 Grooming Kit

Our Score

BEST FOR: Choose this functional and stylish set for precision trimming, clipping, and grooming on-the-go. 

FUN FACT: This kit includes oil lubricant to keep your blades operating smoothly for the long run.

Theirsova Barber Scissors Set

Our Score

WHY YOU NEED IT: It doesn't get much sharper than this scissor set. High quality steel matched with an ergonomic design allows you to cut comfortably and with precision. 

HELPFUL TIP: This stainless steel kit includes a leather zipper case for traveling smart. 

Etereauty 11-In-1 Multi-Functional Grooming Kit

Our Score

LOVED FOR: The high-performance steel blades, powerful battery life, and digital display

FUN FACT: When fully charged, this trimmer can provide up to 120 minutes of continuous use. 

Barbasol Grooming Kit

Our Score

FUN FACT: The razor in this best-selling kit can be used with or without water. 

USERS SAID: "Great accessory to get a great shave. It's small, strong compact and very good. Come with many accessories for a great price."

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