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Top 10 Anti-Wrinkle Patches And Tape

The Internet Is Buzzing About The Noticeable Effects From These Anti-Aging Patches

The Internet Is Buzzing About The Noticeable Effects From These Anti-Aging Patches

Sadly, wrinkles are inevitable. No matter how much retinol, sunscreen, and hyaluronic acid you put on your face, you're bound to see this side effect of aging. Luckily, reducing their appearance doesn’t have to be painful or expensive these days. More and more women are turning to self-adhered wrinkle patches in favor of invasive, needle-involved procedures like Botox. Best of all? They actually work. These line-smoothing treatments can target all aging areas, from those dreaded “elevens” down to your décolletage. While the results won’t last for months at a time like injections, they’ll do the trick for the hours that follow and have lengthier benefits with consistent use. With that in mind, we rounded up an algorithm-approved edit of the best anti-wrinkle patches and tape on the web. If you're looking to buy but first want to know which anti-wrinkle patches and tape work best, read on below. 

How We Found The Best Anti-Wrinkle Tape And Patches

Crafted from silicone, plastic tape, or paper, this list is packed with the Top 10 wrinkle patches on the beauty market right now. From buzzed-about brands like SiO to the celeb-favorite, centuries-old Frownies, these are the best options to help you fade and soften facial lines. As always, our shopping recommendations are vetted by our data-driven algorithm that factors in rave reviews, social media buzz, and best-seller lists, which is why you can trust these recommendations are the best of the best. Keep scrolling to discover and shop the anti-wrinkle patches perfect for all your problem areas.

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May 31, 2022

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Product Expert:Georgia Jones

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The Rankings

Facial Smoothies Triangular Anti-Wrinkle Patchesamazon.com

Facial Smoothies Triangular Anti-Wrinkle Patches

Our Score4

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Designed with a triangle shape, these anti-wrinkle patches are the most versatile in the bunch. They can seamlessly target every area of the face from between the brows to under the eyes. Best of all? You'll get 108 patches for less than $15.

USER REVIEW: "Absolutely will not spend one night without these. While I still have my frown line, it is 60% improved with these beauties. These are the one beauty thing I would take with me on a remote island. They are that good. Again, they aren’t Botox, but they are a great runner-up."

Blumbody Wrinkle Patches For Face

Our Score4.1

WHAT IT DOES: These adhesive patches hydrate and smooth the skin to combat the effects of sun damage and wear. Stick them on overnight for an easy-to-apply experience.

WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: This set provides quick benefits with little effort. As you sleep, the patches work to smooth fine lines and wrinkles without lifting a finger.

Natura Bissé Inhibit High Definition Patches

Our Score4.1

WHAT IT DOES: Made with Octamioxyl, conotoxin, copper, and collagen peptides, these facial patches will plump, tighten, and firm wherever you place them.

USER REVIEW: "I bought this as a treat to myself, and wow wow wow, everyone thought I’d had a facelift! My family couldn’t believe the difference and neither could I. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to go down the Botox route. Worth the money for these."

Cruelty free

Cruelty Free

Exuviance HA Micro-Filler Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Patches

Our Score4.1

WHAT IT DOES: This treatment contains a two-step process to improve deep lines. First, a microcone patch composed of pure hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and softens the lines, then a daily serum evens tone and texture.

WHO IT’S FOR: Focused on volume and hydration, this regimen provides an overall moisturizing boost to the skin that fights wear day in and day out.

Frownies Facial Pads

Our Score4.15

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Adhesive patches are easily the simplest way to combat wrinkles, and it doesn't get more classic than Frownies. Established in 1884, the cult-favorite product targets the lines on the forehead and between the eyes for smooth, youthful-looking skin by morning. They're comfortable enough to sleep in, and each pack comes with a whopping 144 patches for just $20.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: These patches are entirely customizable—you can tailor them to fit your unique face shape and provide lift where you need it most.

Peace Out Microneedling Anti-Wrinkle Retinol Patches

Our Score4.2

WHAT IT DOES: Containing 450 self-dissolving microneedles each, these patches create teeny-tiny punctures in the skin so that the powerful anti-aging ingredients (retinol, vitamin C, and peptides) can work their magic. Cruelty-free, gluten-free, and housed in recyclable packaging, they're great for crow’s feet, smile lines, forehead wrinkles, and elevens.

FROM THE EXPERTS: In a consumer study after two weeks of use, 70% reported that their wrinkles and fine lines were less noticeable.

Cruelty free

Cruelty Free

Kiehl's Line-Minimizing Targeted Triangle Patch-Masks

Our Score4.25

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Formulated with Hexapeptide and fragmented Hyaluronic Acid, these patch-masks will almost instantly improve the look of any type of fine line or wrinkle. 

HELPFUL TIP: Use these facial patches up to three times per week to visibly plump and smooth the appearance of deep lines for younger-looking skin. 

Cruelty free

Cruelty Free

BioRepublic SkinCare Wrinkle Reduction Facial Treatments

Our Score4.25

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Using a multi-hydrating dose of hyaluronic acid, these patches lock in moisture on and beneath the skin to help fight different signs of aging. 

USER REVIEW: "By far the BEST eye product I have ever used. It did exactly what the package says, taking away the puffiness and dark circles. I was really surprised by how much of a difference it made. Definitely going to be purchasing more!"

Cruelty free

Cruelty Free

SiO Beauty FaceLift

Our Score4.35

WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Made with silicone and oxygen, these patches are ultra-lightweight and keep skin hydrated. Plus, you'll feel the tightening effect the minute you apply them, which means they're working.

ABOUT THE BRAND: SiO has gotten a ton of buzz since coming onto the beauty scene with their revolutionary wrinkle-reducing patches that target cleavage lines. Now, you can snatch up patches designed to target any wrinkle-prone area.

Cruelty free

Cruelty Free

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels

Our Score4.5

WHAT IT DOES: Meet your new fast fix. Formulated with extensin and peptides, these patches can visibly smooth forehead furrows and smile lines within 10 minutes.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: Thanks to Icelandic glacial water, these provide a super soothing and cooling feel right when you apply them.

Cruelty free

Cruelty Free

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