• Cloud Solutions

    Cloud is the way forward to reduce your IT expenditure by up to 70% whilst maintaining high scalability and high information flow across multiple devices and departments within your organisation.We can build solutions on a public, private or hybrid clouds - you choose which ever your prefer and satisfy your budget and/or security concerns.

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    Private Cloud Enablement using Openstack, Vmware Vcloud, AWS, Rackspace, etc. We also offer Hybrid Cloud Enablement Services & cloud application development.

  • Database Migration

    The demand for legacy software migration automatically triggers the need to migrate the legacy data storage. So Data migration is a sub-process of a full legacy system migration, although it can be done in isolation as well. Some of the important types are - VSAM to sql db, Script migrations, Data imports.

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    Standard database technologies MySQL, Oracle, SQL-server. We also do NoSQL and other non standard technologies.

  • Legacy Migration

    The most commum software modernisation strategy is to migrate an existing software to a new platform. Example: Migrating an IBM Mainframe COBOL, CICS, VSAM application to – say Java, Java Server Faces, IBM WebSphere, Oracle. Our automated transformation processes ensures advantages like – Legacy knowledge retention, Cost effectiveness, Time factor, Low risk, More accuracy, Less new bugs etc.

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    We can assure you a very smooth migration process with our mixture of human expertise and very smart automated tools.

  • Mobile Solutions

    We assist companies to take their existing applications to a whole new experience of mobility. This include taking existing online application to a mobile interface and also cross-platform transformation of apps. Our tool based approach to any kind of transformation, saves time and cost for the customer.

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    Native, Web and Hybrid mobile apps across the Operating systems - Android, iOS & Windows. We are specially focused on business applications like ERPs and CRMs.